Sunsynk 5KW-Volta Battery Backup System

Sunsynk 5kw & Volta 5kw Combo

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Sunsynk 8kw & Volta 10kw Kit

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Sunsynk 8kw & Volta 10kw Combo

Sunsynk 5kw & Volta 10kw Combo

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Sunsynk 5kw & Volta 10kw Combo

The Sunsynk 5kW Inverter and Volta Stage 1 Lithium Combo provides reliable backup power for your home, ensuring you stay connected and comfortable even when the grid goes down.

Here’s how this powerhouse benefits you:

10kW of Backup Power: Keep your essentials, including lights, appliances, and electronics, running smoothly with 5kW of continuous clean energy from the Volta Stage 1 battery.
Long-lasting & Reliable: Enjoy multiple cycles with 80% depth of discharge, meaning years of worry-free operation from the durable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology (as per manufacturer).
Seamless Switching: Never miss a beat! The Sunsynk Inverter automatically switches between grid, solar, and battery power for optimal energy efficiency and cost savings.
Smart Management: Take control of your energy usage with the user-friendly interface and monitor your power flow in real-time.
Scalable for Future Needs: Expand your system upgrade at any time by adding more Volta Stage 1 batteries as your energy needs grow.
Invest in Sustainability: Generate and store your own clean energy with solar panels (sold separately), reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

More than just power backup, this system offers peace of mind:

No more load shedding disruptions: Work, relax, and entertain without interruptions, knowing your home is powered regardless of the grid.
Enhanced comfort and safety: Maintain a comfortable environment with uninterrupted security lights and alarm system, keep essential appliances running, and stay connected during emergencies.
Increased property value: A battery backup system adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Installer Notes:
Both of these products are very reliable and robust, we have installed numerous of these units with only positive feedback from our clients.


Solar Panels can be added to this system.


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Sunsynk 5kw & Volta 10kw Combo


Volta Lithium Battery
• 1 C Rated Battery
• Higher Charge and Discharge rate
• High Visible Battery SOC (State of Charge)
• 5.12KW Storage capacity
• More

Sunsynk 5KW Inverter
• Great Support and Reliability
• Genuine Hybrid Technology (can supply grid connected appliances)
• Free Online Monitoring App
• Built in Protection
• Much More

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