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Solar Panel Combiner DB

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Solar Flood Light 40W

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Solar Flood Light 40W LED

Solar AC Protection DB

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Embrace Solar Serenity: The Solar AC Protection DB Safeguards Your Investment

Protecting your solar energy investment is paramount. That’s where the Solar AC Protection DB stands guard, ensuring the uninterrupted operation and longevity of your system. This robust box acts as a shield against electrical hazards, maintaining a smooth and secure flow of AC power for a worry-free solar experience.

Here’s how the Solar AC Protection DB safeguards your solar journey:

Deflecting Danger: Integrated surge protection intercepts harmful voltage spikes, safeguarding your inverter and connected equipment from costly damage.
Blocking Backflow: Advanced circuitry prevents reverse current flow, ensuring safe and efficient operation within your solar system.
Overcurrent Watch: Dedicated circuit breakers for the inverter’s input and output lines provide exceptional protection against overloads and potential burnouts.
Grid Guardian: A main grid circuit breaker allows for quick and easy isolation of your solar system from the utility grid, enhancing safety during maintenance or emergencies.
Flexible Power: A changeover switch empowers you to seamlessly switch between solar power and grid power, ensuring continuous energy availability even during grid outages.
Smooth Energy Flow: Optimized design maintains a steady and reliable AC current transmission, maximizing energy harvest and ensuring uninterrupted power generation.


Contact us for alternative sizes/enclosures to suit your solar system.


System design may vary to the picture shown

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Solar AC Protection DB

• 2 x Inverter Circuit Breakers (Input/Output)
• 1 x Change Over Switch
• 1 x Main Isolator Switch
• 1 x Surge Arrestor
• Recommended for systems 5KW or Below.


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