Sunsynk 8kw & Volta 10kw Combo

Sunsynk 8kw & Volta 10kw Kit

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Luxpower SNA 5kw & Hina 5kw Combo

Original price was: R39,880.00.Current price is: R36,440.00.
Luxpower SNA 5kw & Hina 5kw Solar Combo

Luxpower LXP 5kw & Hina 5kw Combo

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Luxpower LXP 5kw & Hina 5kw Combo

The Luxpower LXP 5kw & Hina 5kw Combo provides reliable backup power for your home, ensuring you stay connected and comfortable even when the grid goes down.

Here’s how this powerhouse benefits you:

5kW of Backup Power: Keep your essentials, including lights, appliances, and electronics, running smoothly with 5kW of continuous clean energy from the Volta Stage 1 battery.
Long-lasting & Reliable: Enjoy multiple cycles with 80% depth of discharge, meaning years of worry-free operation from the durable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology (as per manufacturer).
Seamless Switching: Never miss a beat! The Sunsynk Inverter automatically switches between grid, solar, and battery power for optimal energy efficiency and cost savings.
Smart Management: Take control of your energy usage with the user-friendly interface and monitor your power flow in real-time.
Scalable for Future Needs: Expand your system upgrade at any time by adding more Volta Stage 1 batteries as your energy needs grow.
Invest in Sustainability: Generate and store your own clean energy with solar panels (sold separately), reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

More than just power backup, this system offers peace of mind:

No more load shedding disruptions: Work, relax, and entertain without interruptions, knowing your home is powered regardless of the grid.
Enhanced comfort and safety: Maintain a comfortable environment with uninterrupted security lights and alarm system, keep essential appliances running, and stay connected during emergencies.
Increased property value: A battery backup system adds value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Installer Notes:
Both of these products are very reliable and robust, we have installed numerous of these units with only positive feedback from our clients.

*10 Year Supplier Warranty



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Luxpower LXP 5kw & Hina 5kw Combo


10 Year Supplier Warranty with this Combo!

Hina ESS Hi 5 Lithium Battery
• Rack Mountable
• High Charge and Discharge rate
• Easy Parallel System
• 5.12KW Storage capacity
• More

Luxpower LXP 5KW Inverter
• Great Support and Reliability
• Better Technology & More Reliable (Hybrid)
• Free Online Monitoring App
• Built in Protection
• Much More


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