1000W Off Grid Kit

1000W Off-Grid Camping Kit

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Solar Panel Combiner DB

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Solar Panel Combiner

Battery Fuse Kit

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Introducing the Essential Battery Fuse Kit: Your Shield Against Electrical Mayhem

Protecting your electrical system from the unpredictable world of batteries is crucial. That’s where the Battery Fuse Kit comes in, your knight in shining armor against overcurrents and short circuits. This handy kit provides all the essential components for reliable battery protection, giving you peace of mind and smooth operation.

Here’s what makes the Battery Fuse Kit your power play ally:

Heavy-Duty Fuse Holder: This flame-retardant powerhouse safely houses your fuses, keeping them isolated from the rest of the system. Its durable construction stands up to demanding applications.
Matched Fuses: Choose from a selection of fuses with various amp ratings to perfectly match your specific battery and setup. This ensures optimal protection without sacrificing performance.
High-Quality Battery Cables: These robust, insulated cables efficiently conduct current while minimizing voltage drop and heat generation. Connect your battery to the fuse holder and beyond with confidence.

Plus, this kit includes:

Positive and negative battery terminals: These secure connections prevent accidental shorts and ensure a clean, reliable power flow.
Cable lugs: Make the connections between your cables and fuse holder a breeze with these handy pre-crimped lugs.


Contact us for alternative sizes to suit your battery system.


Battery Not Included

System design may vary to the picture shown

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Battery Fuse Kit

• 2 Pole Fuse Holder
• 2 x 125A Fuses
• 35mm Battery Cables
• Can be used for Lithium and AGM/Gel Batteries


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