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Free Product Guide

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Free Product Guide

At EBS Services we understand that there are so many different systems available that when it comes to purchasing a system, based on budget and requirements, we have found that a lot of systems are overlooked.

In some cases only after the purchase of a system you may come across a picture or an article of the exact thing you were spending months trying to find but its too late now and you have already purchased and installed something.

The Aim of this Free Product Guide is to give you an upper hand in your decision making process ( a great place to start is an in depth look this can be found at our Installer website here ). 

What can you expect in the Free Product Guide?

We have tried to keep it as broad but compact as possible, we have started from the small DIY and Camping type systems to the Larger 8KW Solar Systems.

Each segment has a brief description with a picture, this should help you choose a direction of what type of system will suit you.

With this info at hand you can proceed and chat with us for more specific information, installation and pricing options.

Feel free to to use our contact page or visit us at the Shop in Benoni to get your questions answered.

Use the button below to download your Free Product Guide.

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